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Home Insurance in Nevada

While Nevada does not require homeowners to carry a minimum home insurance policy, it is highly recommended at the state level. Also, mortgage lenders in the state reserve the right to require an insurance policy for the loan duration. At Modern Choice Insurance, we understand what the lenders are looking for in a home insurance policy and want to offer our clients the policies they need for quality protection.

Natural Disasters and the Unexpected

When a home is damaged, it is often done at the hands of nature or malicious intent such as theft or burglary. Owners of the home cannot control these disasters or these unexpected events, which can leave the structure of the home damaged and the property within.

Structural Protection

When your home exterior, such as your roof or siding, suffers damages due to these events, repairs are needed to keep your home protected. With a home insurance policy, you can make a claim and have an adjuster come out and assess the damage so that you can get it repaired quickly.

Liability Protection

Many homeowners in Nevada enjoy having guests over. Unfortunately, there are situations where these guests could be hurt on your property or suffer property damage to their vehicle or anything else. If you are found responsible for these damages, your home insurance policy will assist with the costs.

Property Protection

Your home is more than just the structure. The contents within your home are essential to your daily life and can be costly when damaged. When you purchase a home insurance policy, you can have your personal property protected and get financial assistance to replace these items in the event of a tragedy.

Let Us Get You Insured

If you are mortgaging a home in Nevada, our team at Modern Choice Insurance knows what your lender is looking for in a policy. We can help you get the coverage you need and the protection you want today.


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