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Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Nevada

Nothing is fascinating and breathtaking, like a day of fun on the water. Boating is a terrific way of relaxing, whether fishing, water skiing, or just an outing. Boat insurance is not a legal requirement in Nevada but acquiring boat insurance is vital when exploring Nevada waters, and it’s a requirement if your boat gets financed.

You can rest easy when you procure outstanding boat coverage for your watercraft. The protection you need will depend on your type of watercraft like a fishing boat, ski boat, or yacht. Several Nevada residents have invested substantially in their watercraft vessels, requiring formidable protection for their investment with a spectacular boat insurance policy.

Our passionate and charismatic agents will help you by answering all your queries about boat insurance and assisting you to determine your individual coverage needs.

It is prudent to be aware that your other insurance policies you possess, like home and auto insurances, will not provide the ultimate protection you need for your boat. It gets designed to protect your property, including your boat and trailer if they get vandalized while in use. Visit us today at Modern Choice Insurance in Las Vegas NV. Our agents can save you the challenging hassle of finding the perfect boat insurance.

Types of boat insurance.

  • Uninsured or Under-insured boater coverage: It protects you and anyone else using your watercraft for bodily injury and property damage caused by another boater who is inadequately insured or uninsured.
  • Equipment coverage: Some prevailing policies will give you room to add protection for special equipment such as high-valued fishing gadgets and navigation equipment.
  • Disablement coverage: This coverage will cater to the costs of towing and undertaking certain repairs if your watercraft becomes disabled.
  • Consequential Damage: It caters to losses that resulted from wear and tear rather than an accident.
  • Medical payments coverage: It provides medical expenses arising from a boat accident when you or your crew are injured.

Ensure that your watercraft vessel gets protected in Nevada! Contact us or visit our Modern Choice Insurance offices in Las Vegas NV, and we will ensure that you can explore Nevada waters with confidence.


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