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Life Insurance in Nevada

Expecting the unexpected

Let’s face it - life is about expecting the unexpected. Part of being a responsible, prepared adult is having a plan in place for whatever life throws at you. This includes investing in life insurance. Perhaps you are young and healthy - life insurance may seem unnecessary at this point. However, tragedies occur, and no one is immune or invincible.

Protecting your loved ones

Pragmatically, your life may stop, but the lives of your loved ones go on. It is of the utmost importance to make sure that your family, partner, and dependents are left in financially good shape. A funeral alone, for example, can cause tens of thousands of dollars. You may not have that kind of money in your savings account. You may have a few investments and limited liquid assets. Imagine the struggle your family would experience if you are the primary earner and die in a tragic accident or after a sudden illness. With little equity and few assets, you might inadvertently be leaving your loved ones on the brink of financial disaster while dealing with the pain of losing you.

What life insurance can do for your loved ones:

  • Help to recover your lost income, earnings, and wages
  • Cover burial costs and funeral expenses
  • Build value over time
  • Help cover investments, including planning for college
  • Give you peace of mind and security

If you are young and healthy

Life insurance is important to invest in, even if you are young and in good health. Fortunately, life insurance is typically quite affordable for young, healthy adults in Nevada. This may indeed be the most advantageous time to invest in life insurance. This is true even if you have a pre-existing condition.

Nevada Residents

For Nevada residents, you can find more information on the rules and regulations governing insurance and find information on insurance agencies, such as Modern Choice Insurance in Las Vegas NV, by visiting the Division of Insurance.

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