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Who needs to get condo insurance in Las Vegas?

Investing in a condo can be a good idea if you are in the Las Vegas, NV, area and would like a quality housing option. Condos here offer various advantages of property ownership and many onsite amenities. When you buy a condo here, you also need the right insurance. A condo insurance plan is going to be needed for various reasons when you are here. 

Meet Obligations for Coverage

A reason to have a condo insurance plan when you are in this part of Nevada is to ensure you are able to meet any obligations for coverage. It is very common for someone to have specific condo insurance requirements. These can be set by either a condo loan provider or the home association. In either situation, you should make sure you carry proper coverage to ensure you are not defaulting on any such agreement. 

Ensures Protection and Support

Having condo coverage is also a necessity, as it helps to ensure your protection and ongoing support. Various forms of support and coverage are obtained through a condo insurance plan. If your property is damaged due to an accident or other situation, you will have support to make repairs. You also have coverage for liability risks, including if someone is injured or you make a mistake that damages another unit. 

Condo insurance should be received by anyone looking to purchase a condo in the Las Vegas, NV, area. If you would like to purchase a condo when you are in this area, it would be smart to call our team with Modern Choice Insurance. Our professionals with Modern Choice Insurance will always be able to tell you your options and give you any support you need to select a quality policy for your situation. 

Navigating Nevada Roads: Motorhome Insurance Guide for Las Vegas Residents

For motorhome owners in Las Vegas, NV, safeguarding such a substantial investment is paramount. That’s where Modern Choice Insurance comes in. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you in making the most informed decisions suitable for your motorhome insurance needs. Here’s a guide to get you started.

Insuring Your Personal Items

In addition to the mandatory coverage for your motorhome, considering insurance for your personal belongings is crucial. If you experience a loss of personal items, replacing them could be costly. However, with a policy that includes personal content insurance, such financial burdens become a thing of the past.

Coverage for Total Loss

While it’s unpleasant to consider, scenarios leading to a total loss of your motorhome do arise. An insurance policy offering coverage in the case of a total loss is essential. Such policies help mitigate the financial strain related to loss of use and replacing the vehicle.

Determining Amount of Usage

Are you a homeowner who’ll be using the motorhome occasionally? Or will the motorhome serve as your primary residence? Answering these questions plays a substantial role in selecting the right policy for your lifestyle.

To ensure the continued safety of your motorhome, it’s vital to choose an appropriate insurance policy. Local residents are encouraged to contact Modern Choice Insurance. Our team will demystify each available insurance policy option, enabling you to select one that best fits your requirements.

Desert Adventures Unlocked: How to Insure Your RV for Road Trips

Optimal RV Insurance: Your Key to Adventures in Las Vegas

Having the right RV insurance in Las Vegas is crucial for local RV enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter whether you own a Class A motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or pull-behind; comprehensive RV insurance is a must. Especially if you’re planning a weekend escape to Red Rock Canyon or embarking on a cross-country expedition to the Grand Canyon.

Modern Choice Insurance Agency in Las Vegas, NV, is your trusted ally, here to help local RV owners select the best RV insurance coverage for those unforeseen mishaps on open roads.

Unlock Your Desert Adventures with RV Insurance

Comprehensive RV insurance covers policyholders against financial losses due to accidents or vehicle damage. Reliable policies offer coverage options for a whole myriad of perils, from minor fender benders to major collisions that lead to a total loss.

Liability coverage insulates RV owners from costs associated with third-party accidents, legal claims, or property damage. Some policies also feature multi-policy discounts for auto insurance policyholders and emergency roadside assistance for breakdown and towing support.

Discuss more coverage options with a trusted RV insurance agent. These could include personal property protection and uninsured motorist coverage.

Don’t Procrastinate on Protecting Your Home on Wheels.

Starting an RV insurance policy with Modern Choice Insurance is straightforward. Contact our knowledgeable agents and provide details about your RV and driving record to receive a free quote with the best policy options for your needs!

Landlords: Tips for Discussing Renters Insurance With Tenants

Being a landlord is challenging enough, and when a tenant is reluctant to get renters insurance to protect themselves, approaching them may seem daunting. Renters should understand that landlords aren’t responsible for replacing their possessions, and you may already require them to carry it within their lease. Our team at Modern Choice Insurance in Las Vegas, NV offers some ways to have this talk with renters.

Explain the Value and Necessity of Having Renters Insurance

Many tenants are worried about the added expense of having one more bill to pay. They want to know if renters insurance is worth the cost. The low cost of a policy is just pennies per day, making it low enough that renters shouldn’t be strapped for cash due to having coverage. Besides, what price can be put on protecting their worldly possessions and offering greater peace of mind?

Discuss Some of What is Covered Under These Policies

Let them know the basics of coverage, which predominately covers renters against the need to pay for property and personal possessions should a worst-case scenario come to fruition. These include natural disasters, such as fire, lightning, water damage, and wind. Policyholders are also shielded from theft and vandalism of their personal goods. Some providers offer additional options for:

  • Optional pet damage coverage
  • Optional sewer and water coverage
  • Full replacement cost for personal property
  • Guaranteed premiums

Deliver a Convincing Speech on Renters Insurance

Consider having a discussion with potential tenants when they put in an application especially those who’ve put in a deposit and/or signed the lease. Make a pitch to them showing the benefits of personal coverage for their items inside the unit and the low cost of renters’ policies.

Guide Your Tenants to Our Insurance Company

Your residents can easily secure renters insurance policies here at Modern Choice Insurance in Las Vegas, NV, and we serve residents across the entire state. We hope these tips help get your tenant on board with this important coverage.

Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Everyone in My Household?

Umbrella insurance protects you and your household members from liability exceeding the limits of other policies. However, the details of who qualifies as a household member can get tricky, so it is best to discuss the details of your coverage and the qualifications for household membership with an agent such as our Modern Choice Insurance team, serving the Las Vegas, NV metroplex. 

Covering Household Members

Umbrella insurance provides supplemental coverage and only comes into play when you exceed the limits of other policies. Typically, umbrella insurance covers all relatives and dependents living in the household, including children, teenagers, and even the policyholder’s parents if they live there full-time. 

Auto insurance policies cover household members or anyone who legally drives your vehicle. Still, the premiums are generally adjusted based on household membership, the ages in the household, and the household’s vehicles. Similarly, your umbrella insurance often will not extend to household members, such as adult children living at home, who have separate auto insurance policies.

A comparable situation occurs with an umbrella policy extending your home insurance liability limits.

Umbrella policies may not cover a child with a college apartment renters’ policy. Also, an umbrella policy may cover adult children only when they are named, and the premiums are adjusted to account for their potential liabilities.

As always, confirming your policy details with your agent when you acquire the policy is best.

Working With Modern Choice Insurance

Your circumstances will differ from others and will likely change over time, so review these issues regularly with your agent. If you live in or near Las Vegas, NV, consider contacting our Modern Choice Insurance team for assistance with all your insurance needs. Feel free to call or stop by the office today.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Accidents When Speeding?

Speeding down Las Vegas, NV’s roadways on a motorcycle is thrilling, but it also brings risks. The risk of an accident increases, and this can have implications for your motorcycle insurance. Here’s how speeding can affect your insurance coverage.

Understanding Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Motorcycle insurance policies vary, but they have three key coverage categories with regard to accidents: liability, personal injury protection, and collision. 

Liability insurance is mandatory in Nevada and generally covers injuries and damages you may cause to others. There are several specific liability protections, but they all protect against various types of injury or damage.

Personal injury protection normally covers injuries to anyone riding your motorcycle. Collision insurance mainly covers your motorcycle’s damages in an accident.

Does Speeding Affect Coverage?

Speeding is a violation of traffic laws in Las Vegas, NV. If you’re involved in an accident while speeding, this could complicate your insurance claims. While your policy may still cover damages, there are important considerations:

  • Increased Liability: If you’re found at fault in a speeding-related accident, your liability coverage will kick in. The coverage will usually still apply, but you may be found to be more at fault for the accident. That can increase how much your insurer pays.
  • Risk of Claim Denial: Extreme speeding, to the extent that it constitutes reckless driving, could void your insurance coverage altogether.
  • Impact on Future Premiums: Speeding-related accidents often lead to increased insurance premiums in the future.

Modern Choice Insurance Is Here To Help

For more information about motorcycle insurance and how to stay covered even in unexpected situations, contact us at Modern Choice Insurance.

Halloween Safety Tips

The annual apparition of spooky skeletons, broomstick-riding witches and carved pumpkins is a sure sign fall is well under way. Second only to Christmas in terms of how much consumers spend on decorations,¹ Americans of all ages seem to love celebrating Halloween.

The Halloween spirit has spread to the inside and outside of the home as well, with homeowners setting up elaborate displays that range from haunted houses in the basement to graveyards on the lawn, as well as high-tech LED lighting outdoors. When planning and setting up your Halloween decorations, it is a good idea to consider any potential risks involved. Taking steps to prepare your property and to protect any visitors can help spare you from a truly frightening night.

Be Aware of Dangers that Might Not be Visible During the Night

  • Walk your property before Halloween to identify and minimize potential dangers, especially those difficult to see after dark. For example, check to make sure temporary extension cords are secured to avoid becoming a tripping hazard.
  • Make sure walking surfaces are even and clear of debris, and that any obstacles are clearly marked, such as stakes, exposed roots or holes.
  • Ensure that your front yard, walkway and entry way are well-lit so that those unfamiliar with your home can safely navigate. If using a fog machine, be careful that the fog does not make it difficult to see tripping hazards.

Remember that Welcoming the Neighborhood Inside Also Invites Risk

  • When hosting a haunted house, make sure to allow adequate floor and exit lighting. Keep exits clear to help prevent tripping.
  • Avoid advertising the event in your neighborhood or on social media.
    • If charging for admission for a haunted house or other forms of entertainment, be aware that this could be considered a business activity and you should consult with your agent or insurance company representative to ensure you have the proper coverage.

Be Smart about Where You Place Decorations

  • Set up decorations with traffic flow in mind. Place them to prevent tipping over, blowing away or becoming a tripping hazard.
  • When plugging in your scary indoor decorations, do not overload electrical outlets.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to help avoid damage to your home or injury to your guests. For example, make sure inflatable decorations are secured properly and kept away from sources of ignition.

Set Up Spooky Lighting with Caution

  • Avoid any kind of open flame.
  • Consider using battery-operated candles or LED lighting as a safe alternative to candles.
  • Do not drape costumes or other fabrics over light bulbs, which generate heat and can start a fire.

Choose Decorations Wisely

  • Avoid dried flowers, cornstalks and crêpe paper because they are highly combustible. Keep these and other decorations away from open flames and heat sources, including light bulbs and heaters.
  • Use lights and other electrical decorations that have been tested for safety – look for a certification mark from UL, CSA, ETL or another nationally-recognized laboratory.
  • When plugging in decorations, avoid daisy chaining extension cords, which may cause overheating.
  • Never staple, nail through or fasten electrical wires or extension cords in any way that might damage the wire or insulation. This could cause electrical shock or fire.
  • Plug all outdoor lights and decorations into ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) to help reduce the risk of electric shock. Portable GFCIs for outdoor use can be purchased where electrical supplies are sold.

Do Not be Frightened by the Risks

  • Give yourself peace of mind and speak with your insurance agent to make sure you are properly covered.
  • Consider an umbrella policy that could provide extra protection in case of an accident.   

5 Reasons You Should Try “Pay How You Drive” Car Insurance

With the ongoing development of technology in cars to help us drive safely, there is an opportunity that is being offered by some insurance companies to help raise awareness of your driving behaviors. It’s a feature that also may help to lower your car insurance costs. It’s known as telematics technology, usage-based insurance or “Pay How You Drive” car insurance. While each insurance company has its own version of this technology, there are some common elements of these programs that may inspire you to check out a “Pay How You Drive” program.

Here are five reasons you might want to try “Pay How You Drive” car insurance:

  1. The savings. Who doesn’t like to save money, especially on a household expense that you know you need? With “Pay How You Drive” programs, you can potentially save on your car insurance premium for safe driving habits, but riskier drivers may get a premium increase. In some cases, depending on the program you sign up for, you may get a discount for enrolling. You also may earn savings that will be incorporated into your car insurance policy for as long as you remain a customer of that insurance company. This can add up over time, potentially generating considerable savings, depending on your insurance carrier.
  2. The opportunity to benefit from your good habits. With a telematics-based program, your driving behaviors are monitored. Participating in a program that uses telematics may help raise your awareness of these behaviors, so you can learn from them and drive more safely. If you’re a parent of a teenage driver, a program like this may have added appeal to help coach your teenage driver. In general, you can use telematics to have more control over and potentially reduce your auto insurance expenses. That means, you can influence your insurance rates in a positive way. For example, if you’re the type of driver who has made a habit of maintaining a safe operating speed or you always keep a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you, a telematics-based program might be an attractive option for you.
  3. These programs typically are easy to sign up for and use. The everyday use of mobile phones has helped spur the evolution of telematics-based programs, with most programs operated through an app on your personal cell phone. Each insurance company will have its own manner of enrolling you, but in general, these programs are simple to join and don’t usually require you to do much more than sign up.
  4. The program is voluntary. Insurance companies are encouraging customers to voluntarily try a telematics-based program because it can help heighten drivers’ awareness of their driving behaviors and potentially lead to their adoption of safer driving habits. The knowledge you would gain from participating in a telematics-based program could help you learn more about your own driving habits, which could, in turn, help you take steps towards becoming safer behind the wheel.
  5. The collective impact. Your participation in a telematics-based program may seem like an individual experience, and it is. But consider this: drivers participating in a telematics-based or usage-based program may be more mindful of their driving habits, helping to make driving a safer experience for themselves and those with whom they’re sharing the roadways. Your participation in a “Pay How You Drive” program can become part of the larger community of drivers who are adjusting their behaviors, increasing the collective safety on the road.

How Do “Pay How You Drive” Programs Work?

In general, a telematics-based program collects information about your driving using mobile app technology. Generally, once you sign up for a program, you download the telematics app and enable some features on your mobile phone and begin to drive. Without going into the details of how it scientifically works, essentially what you need to know is that the technology begins to collect data related to your driving habits as you drive.

Typically, “Pay How You Drive” programs are monitoring a handful of variables for a short period of time. For example, the Travelers IntelliDrive® app is a 90-day program, to capture your driving habits in that time. There are four variables that IntelliDrive grades you on, to generate a score to apply to your premium.1 These factors or a combination of them have been shown to increase the risk of an accident:

  • Time of day: When you drive can be as important as how you drive.
  • Speed: Keep your speed in check so you have more time to react.
  • Acceleration: Smooth acceleration is easier on your car and good for your score.
  • Braking: Drivers who anticipate situations have fewer hard brakes.

How Do You Sign Up for a “Pay How You Drive” Program?

Ask your insurance agent if there is a “Pay How You Drive” program available in the state in which you live and find out what’s needed to sign up.

Does Car Insurance Cover Tire Damage?


Car insurance is an essential financial safety net for drivers, offering protection in various scenarios. However, there’s often confusion surrounding what car insurance does and doesn’t cover. One common question many drivers have is whether car insurance covers tire damage. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of car insurance and the extent to which they cover tire damage.

Types of Car Insurance:

To understand if car insurance covers tire damage, you first need to be aware of the different types of coverage available:

Liability Insurance: Liability insurance covers damages to other people’s property or injuries to others caused by your vehicle. It does not cover damage to your car or its components, including your tires.

Collision Insurance: Collision insurance pays for damage to your vehicle when you collide with another car or object, such as a tree or a streetlight. While collision insurance can cover the cost of tire damage resulting from an accident, it does not cover normal wear and tear or road hazard damage.

Comprehensive Insurance: Comprehensive insurance, also known as “other than collision” coverage, covers non-accident-related damages. This includes incidents like theft, vandalism, hail damage, or animal collisions. However, it generally does not cover tire damage due to road hazards.

Road Hazard or Tire Insurance: Some insurance companies offer optional road hazard or tire insurance as an add-on to your policy. This coverage can help pay for tire damage resulting from potholes, debris, or other road hazards.

Tire Damage and Car Insurance:

Car insurance, in its standard forms of liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage, does not typically cover tire damage resulting from normal wear and tear, manufacturing defects, or road hazards. These types of damage are generally considered the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

However, there are a few exceptions:

Optional Tire and Wheel Coverage: Some insurance providers offer optional coverage specifically for tire and wheel damage. This coverage can help repair or replace damaged tires and wheels due to road hazards. It’s essential to check with your insurance company to see if this option is available.

Endorsements or Riders: You may be able to add endorsements or riders to your policy to cover tire damage. These are customized additions to your insurance policy that offer protection for specific situations.

Credit Card Coverage: Some credit cards offer secondary coverage for rental cars, which may include coverage for tire damage. It’s worth checking with your credit card company to see if they offer any protection.


In most cases, standard car insurance policies do not cover tire damage. However, there are exceptions, such as optional tire and wheel coverage or endorsements that can provide protection against tire damage caused by road hazards. It’s essential to review your policy and discuss your coverage options with your insurance provider to ensure that you have the level of protection you need for your specific circumstances. Additionally, practicing safe driving and maintaining your tires can help reduce the risk of damage and prolong their lifespan, ultimately saving you money in the long run.

Why Life Insurance Is Important for Financial Planning

Many residents in Las Vegas, NV think of life insurance only when facing the worst-case scenario. However, having a policy in place long before you need it can also serve as a safety net for those we leave behind. The right policy with the right coverage can provide a financial cushion for your loved ones in case of unfortunate, unforeseen events. There are countless types of policies out there, so for help finding the right one for you, contact Modern Choice Insurance today!

Planning for the Future

Let’s face it. Accidents happen, often when we least expect them. Say, for example, your family’s primary financial provider passes away unexpectedly. Having a life insurance policy in place means that the family can mourn and adjust to the loss without worrying about making ends meet right away. Additionally, there are situations where payouts from insurance policies are tax-free, further reducing the stress and financial burden.

Leaving a Legacy

A life insurance policy is one of the easiest ways for individuals to leave a legacy for future generations. There are financial planning methods that will allow you to create a trust that will serve as the recipient of the life insurance payout, safeguarding it until the beneficiaries meet certain requirements, typically a specific age.

Modern Choice Insurance Is Here To Help

The world of insurance is often overwhelming to the average person. With countless policy types and providers, it can be difficult to ensure that you’re getting the right plan at the right price. Fortunately, our team can help! We strive to help individuals in Las Vegas, NV find the insurance that best fits their needs at a price they can afford. Contact our team today to learn more.


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